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Who I Am and What I Do

        My story started out with excessive pain in my neck. Diagnosed with reverse curvature, severe degenerative disk, and arthritis. After two years of a neurologist their only answer was pills and I wasn't going to live that way. I started with acupuncture and received some relief. Then found crystals and stones and found even more relief. I slept with a petrified wood stone in the crook of my neck. Then I found Reiki, The relief I found here was life changing. I’ve been a professional Reiki Therapist since 2021. Then I found another extremely beneficial treatment called the Emotion Code, and my exuberance for healing has blossomed to a new high. I’m a passionate healer with an alternative approach and am dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.

My treatments are specifically tailored to the needs of each patient to make sure they receive the approach that works best for them. Time and again I have seen the incredible healing power of my treatments. Please contact me to find out more.

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